Your 7 Step Guide to Planning an Event

Updated: Jul 13

Planning an Event!

Event planning 101 -

No matter what event you are organising, small, big or somewhere in between, event planning is a huge task. Take it from us, there is a lot that goes into an event and it can often be an expensive and time consuming experience.

Whilst no two events are the same, there are certain common steps you should take to ensure your event is a huge success.

Step #1 - Set an event budget

This step is very important, so take your time to ensure that you are setting a realistic budget for the event you are planning. This will also help narrow down what you can include and what you might have to skip. For example, event favours may not be a necessity for an event with a smaller budget.

Step #2 - Determine your help

Who is going to be helping you plan your event, are you doing it by yourself or with others? If there are a few of you, decide who is going to do what before you get started. This way you can maximise your time and ensure you aren’t double handling tasks.

Step #3 - Venue & Date

Two pretty important parts of the event planning process and as obvious as they are, it can be really beneficial to allocate enough time to finding the right venue for your event. Typically, your venue shouldn’t take up more than 20% of your budget, so that can give you a good idea of the kind of venue you can hire.

Tip #4 - Guest List

Depending on your budget, your guest list may be restricted. Make sure you confirm your guest list and ask for RSVPs with enough time out from the event to adjust any vendor invoices if required.

Tip #5 - Invitations / Gift Registry

Make sure you send these out with plenty of time to spare so people have enough time to plan for themselves.

Tip #6 - Create a gantt chart

If you don’t know what this is, search ‘gantt chart’ in google and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a way you can organise yourself for your event in order of things that need to take place. This can be as detailed as you want, depending on the size of your event and the people involved.

Tip #7 - Have an agenda for the day

Often we get so busy planning the event that we forget the logistics of the event day. Having an agenda to follow will ensure things go smoothly on the day, ensure that nothing important is missed and that things run to schedule (well as closely as they can).

We hope that these help make your next event a huge success, if you want more tips on how to plan your next event, be sure to follow us on Instagram @indigo_rose_event_stylists.


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