27 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

27 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Firstly, if you’ve clicked on this blog we think it’s safe to assume you or someone close to you is getting married!

Who knows, maybe you’re thinking of proposing but concerned about the costs involved in a wedding?

Either way, what an exciting time and don’t worry we are here to help! We know that planning a wedding can be stressful and quite frankly expensive.

Together, we have endured a pandemic and we believe love is more alive than ever and if it has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of relational connections with those we love.

1. Go dress shopping early

Going dress shopping at least 9 months in advance will ensure your dress has plenty of time to arrive, you won’t have to pay rush shipping fees and helps prevent any last minute alteration charges that can add up quickly. Going dress shopping early means you could potentially grab the dress you want at a sample sale or before the dress maker has to increase costs due to economic scaling.

2. Buy a sample wedding dress

Another option to save money on your dress is to buy a sample dress or one on sale. Sample dresses are the dresses in the bridal shop that brides-to-be try on.

3. Hire a planner/coordinator

Although it may seem like you are adding another expense, hiring a wedding planner can save you not just money but also time. Whilst it does seem like an additional expense initially, it is their job to work to the budget you have. You also gain access to all of the relationships they have with different vendors which they can potentially pass on discounts.

4. Take advantage of kids’ meals or maybe a no kid wedding

If you don’t ask, you won’t know. Many wedding venues do have children’s plates for a reduced price or may even have a specific kids menu that you can choose from. Another way to save on money and keep the guest count down is to consider having a kid free wedding. This would greatly be determined by your situation and how many wonderful children are in your life.

5. Direct your guests to your wedding website

Rather than having different invitations going out at different times in the preparation of your big day, why not have a website to direct all of your guests to one spot where they can find all the important dates and information. Doing this will mean you cut costs on extra RSVP cards and posting costs. We absolutely love this idea and think it is such a great way to save money and have everything in one place. You can even invite people to RSVP directly on your site. For people who love to be organised like me, this is such a fun way to save money and keep organised.

6. Have a polaroid station

Instead of an expensive photo booth, you could opt for a polaroid camera set up with a backdrop. The great thing about this option is it’s still super interactive and can even double as a guest book too.

7. Have a honeymoon fund or wishing well

Wishing wells are becoming so much more popular now, so why not opt for a honeymoon fund or wishing well for your guests instead of a gift registry. This can significantly help you post-wedding, when things can feel a little overwhelming once you’ve paid all of your vendors.

8. Alcohol

Just serving beer and wine is more than acceptable at a wedding and most people opt for those options anyway. If the venue provides options for people to buy other drinks if they do want something else than even better. By doing this you will save money that comes when purchasing spirits and liquors.

9. Offer your signature drink for a limited time

Another great way to cut costs with alcohol, if you do only want to predominantly serve beer and wine, is to have a signature drink during cocktail hour only. This limits the amount of cocktails but is a nice touch for guests.

10. BYO Venue

Sticking with alcohol, you should always ask your venue whether you can bring your own. Alcohol provided by your venue will always carry a mark-up and being able to buy the alcohol yourself (when on sale at places like Dan Murphy’s) can be a great way to save money, especially if you were wanting to offer serving liquor at your wedding.

11. Have a weekday wedding

This may seem like a no-brainer, but having a weekday wedding can save you probably more than you think! Keep in mind though, that a week day wedding means a ‘weekday’ wedding. Most venues will not consider a Friday or Sunday as a true weekday. Whilst you may get a small discount, a Monday or Tuesday wedding can prove to be a lot more cost effective. And if you give your guests enough time to plan it isn't usually a problem.

12. Look for bridal expos/brides selling their wedding dresses

When you’re wedding dress shopping, be on the lookout for bridal expos or brides selling their wedding dress! It is becoming the norm these days for brides to sell their wedding dress after their big day is over which makes sense right, gone of the days of your wedding gown collecting dust at the back of a wardrobe never to be taken out again. Bridal expos are also a great place to get small discounts as they usually have small sales on the day of the expo or for a limited time after.

13. Have a “wow” moment

Instead of trying to stretch your budget out across every part of the wedding, choose a specific part to create that ‘wow’ moment. You could spend your money on the reception space or have a statement flower wall. It is a great way to have one focal point and not needing to go overboard on the other areas.

14. Use as much greenery as you can

Greenery will be your best friend if you’re trying to save money on florals! It’s less expensive than flowers and well, who doesn’t love greenery?

15. Look for all-inclusive venues (think all inclusive resorts but for weddings)

The more individual vendors you hire, costs can quickly add up, leaving you and your budget on completely different pages. All-inclusive venues can provide a bundled savings. This option would be great for a couple who may be time poor and are not as fussed on the intimate details of the wedding. This option means you may be more limited on choice, but ensures you can save a lot.

16. Review your guest list

The pandemic has definitely made a lot of brides-to-be review their guest list, but it isn’t a bad idea to keep moving forward. Remember that this is your special day, so sit down and think about the people you want at your wedding. A good tip I like to tell people is to review the guest list multiple times as sometimes we can be in a more carefree mood where we want to invite everyone and sometimes we can be stressed and overwhelmed and cut the list in half. Somewhere in between is probably where you want to be, so review the list frequently until you are happy with it.

17. Use food trucks

Ok we know, this idea definitely isn’t for everyone. But if you are planning a more casual wedding, food trucks are a great idea. They are less expensive than a caterer and make for a really fun way for people to talk and interact whilst getting their food.

18. Use digital invitations

If you want to spend next to nothing on your invitations, you could always send them digitally! Especially if you are opting for the website mentioned earlier, this is a great way to keep with the digital theme and save money.

19. Ditch the champagne toast

A champagne tower/toast can quickly add up…separate glasses, more alcohol and servers. A great way to save money is to eliminate this part of your wedding and stick with the cocktail hour.

20. Candles

We love using candles, they give the room warmth and depth and are so versatile to suit any wedding style. They are also a great cost effective alternative to flowers.

21. Get Fruity

Fruit is also another great way to save on flowers just like the candles idea both. Fruit is such a fun way to add some colour to your wedding, it’s also quite unique but can still look great when matched to your theme.

22. Shorten your photographer’s time

Consider hiring your photographer for a set amount of hours instead of the entire morning, day and night. Enough time so they still capture the important moments, but that will still save you a decent amount of money.

23. Live music

Oh don’t we all love live music, and for good reason. However it does come at a cost, especially when they are in high demand. Opt for a professional wedding DJ instead as this can be a much more affordable option.

24. Wedding Cake

Whilst we are not saying to throw out the ceremonial cake cutting tradition, you can save costs on your wedding cake by having a smaller cake to cut and then a sheet cake to serve. Whenever the word wedding is put in front of a word, it tends to always be more expensive, so keep that in mind before buying your wedding cake.

25. Delay the Honeymoon

Whilst we know this isn’t for everyone, delaying your honeymoon a few months or even intentionally a few years, turns it more into a special vacation and something you can plan and budget for after your wedding. This option is great for people with a smaller wedding budget who may not be able to afford both so closely together.

26. Repurpose your ceremony florals & chairs

A great way to save money on flowers is to ask your florist how you can repurpose your ceremony flowers for your reception. You can do the same things with your chairs. Instead of hiring two sets of chairs, simply pay a small labor cost to have them moved from the ceremony to the reception whilst people are at cocktail hour.

27. Go easy on the sentimental details

It’s easy to get carried away, especially with online shopping these days with all of the little details you may want to add to your special day, the custom dress hanger, the fancy ring boxes, matching get ready outfits, robes, garters and the list goes on. Our suggestion is to pick the ones that mean the most to you and ditch the rest as these things can quickly add up.

There are so many ways to save money on your wedding, but at the end of the day it comes down to prioritising the things that are most important to you and identifying the things that maybe you can go without.

Good luck and congratulations!


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